In Rehearsal for Our First Performance of 2019

Photo: Lynn Lane

Photo: Lynn Lane

We are in rehearsals for the Transitory Sound and Movement Collective’s return performance at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston,Abstractions in the Key of Yellow.” This is an interdisciplinary, experiential work by the artistic director/lead sound artist, Lynn Lane, and choreographer/core member, Jennifer Mabus, in collaboration with four dance and four sound artists/musicians. The artists of TSMC will create a uniquely and highly structured yet spontaneous composition that will conceptually connect to the gallery of the CAMH and the exhibit of Cheryl Donegan’s work. As Donegan’s work reflects a subversive approach to abstraction and art history, TSMC will examine the methods of some of the foremost choreographers/composers/bands of the 20th century through a contemporary cultural lens and abstract those into a new form. Ideas of abstraction and chance will be translated into a contemporary language through the artists’ response to each other during the development of the piece, creating an unspoken conversation of sound and movement with each other, the audience, the gallery of the CAMH and Donegan's exhibition.

Here is a photo from our second dance rehearsal. The dancers are Tuesday Moon Boswell, Lindsay Cortner, Jennifer Mabus, Colette Miller, and Emily Roy Sayre.

Performance Date: February 14, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Lynn Lane