Every something is an echo of nothing.
— John Cage

The Transitory Sound and Movement Collective, founded by artistic director/ sound artist: Lynn Lane in collaboration with founding member/choreographer: Jennifer Mabus, brings musicians, sound artists, dance artists, spoken word and visual artists together to collaboratively create immersive and experiential evenings of sound, movement, and art. Each performance is a unique and spontaneous composition that is created by the process of consideration and response of each artist to the overall concept. It truly becomes an unspoken conversation.


Formed in December of 2016, TSMC has created evenings for venues such as the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, the Rec Room, the Rice University Gallery, University of Texas in Dallas, the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, the Rothko Chapel, Arts Mission Oak Cliff, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and Asia Society of Texas. In addition to being a part of 16th Annual Modern Dance Festival at The Modern (Fort Worth), we will be presenting work at the Blanton Museum (Austin) and at The NMASS Festival (Austin) this summer.