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Performance History

…of the Collective…



“Abstractions in the Key of Yellow” - Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston - February 14, 2019
”Moving Mountains Through the Clouds” - Asia Society of Texas (Houston) - March 22, 2019



“…the number you have reached is no longer in service” - Mind the Gap 8.0 (Houston)
“Echoes of Silence” - University of Texas at Dallas
“…the number you have reached is no longer in service” - 254 Dance Festival (Waco)
“An Ordinance of Discordance” - Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston
"My Lambent Soul Casts Shadows" - Arts Mission Oak Cliff (Dallas)
“Breath” - The Rothko Chapel (Houston)


"Meeting in the Middle...Or Somewhere In Between" - The Rec Room (Houston)
"A Shell Game for Three…Who Has the Ball?" - Lone Star College - University Park (Houston)
"A Polyphonic Hylomorphic Tectonic Happening aka It's a Rock Show Baby!" (in collaboration with ARCOS Dance/Austin) - The Rec Room (Houston)
“Two Too To No Tutu” - Texas Dance Improv Festival (TCU - Fort Worth)
"Stillness/Silence/Sound/Movement" - The Rec Room (Houston)
"Hi-Fi? Lo-Fi? Don't Ask Why!" - The Rec Room (Houston)
“Aqueous Adventures a.k.a. The Slippery Slope to Swell Town” - The Rec Room (Houston)
“Freaks, Geeks, Beats and Feets or Feats” - The Rec Room (Houston)
“A Conversation with Sol” - The Rice Gallery (Rice University - Houston)
“Bleeps, Blips, Blops and Blunders... a.k.a. Where Did She Go?” - The Rec Room (Houston)
”Untitled: Darkness and Light in Eight” - The Rec Room (Houston)
”Echoes of Solitude in Grand Central” - The Rec Room (Houston)
”Times Square in 60: Improvisation for 19 Musicians with Movement” - The Rec Room (Houston)


“Sometimes on 5th Avenue” - Alabama Song (Houston)
”Take the J Train” - The Rec Room (Houston)